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"After CRYPTTECH Pakistan company establishment back in August, we launched Siber Koza Pakistan, a joint venture with National Aerospace Science and Technology Park (NASTP). Siber Koza Pakistan is located in the heart of NASTP Alpha cluster at, Rawalpindi. The inauguration ceremony took place on 27th December, 2022. Air Vice Marshal Ghulam Abbas Ghumman – Deputy Chief of Air Staff (NASTP), Secretary of Information Technology MoITT Mr. Mohsin Mushtaq, and senior officials from Pakistan Software Association Houses (P@SHA), Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), National Technology Fund (iGNITE) honored us with their presence. The ceremony started with İstiklâl Marşı (The National Anthem of Turkiye) followed by the Qaumī Tarānāh (National Anthem of Pakistan). The CEO of NASTP Dr. Liaquat Ullah Iqbal and the founder and CEO of CRYPTTECH and Siber Koza Mr. Alper YILMAZ made their speeches. We can’t pass up by not saying that the whole NASTP team is full of ambitious, hardworking people and we feel very content having the opportunity to work with them. Today, CRYPTTECH is a well-established name around the world for its cybersecurity solutions, but Siber Koza Pakistan has a different place in our hearts as it provides equal opportunity for youth at both Turkiye and Pakistan through a unified portal, to learn together, work together and grow together. As it is written at NASTP statement attached, “this is the first ever Turkish-Pakistan Cyber, IT & Computing, Training and Incubation Centre in Pakistan”, we believe this is a start of a great journey... ".
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National Aerospace, Science & Technology Park (NASTP) Siber Koza

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